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Share Hope at Home!

Send a colorful boost of hope with the Coloring Hope poster series!

Coloring Hope

Coloring Hope


Looking for new activities to keep your kids engaged at home? Order a Happy Hope Kit and
provide your child with a fun and creative boost of joy while supporting the Happy Hope Factory.

Each Happy Hope Kit is $ 12 plus shipping or get 3 for $ 30! Use COUPON CODE: shophope1. We ship directly to your address. Want to send to your grandchild, niece or nephew? What a perfect way to engage while doing good and sharing a boost of HOPE!

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all proceeds go toward helping hospitalized children in your community


Give the gift of joy, hope, and fun to hospitalized children. 
Hope Bags are available for order.  Get yours today and
make a difference in a child's life!

If you have any questions on orders please feel free to contact the Happy Hope Factory® at 888-201-HOPE (4673)
we are available monday-thursday 8am-6pm