The Happy Hope Showstopper

The Showstopper Box comes packed with fun supplies for your team to play it forward and assemble multiple kits for children hospitalized in your community. Showstoppers make it easy to do good and give back and provide a fun activity that will bring your team together.

Hospital Hope Bags
Hope Team Builder

Plan your next event with The Showstopper

Choose from several themes including Dinomite (Dinosaur themed box), You're Out of this World (Space theme) or our signature Hope Hero themed Showstopper Box to truly make an impact in the office as well as your community. Designed to serve children receiving treatment in hospitals, clinics, partnering shelters and children facing crises. The Showstopper is as easy as 1, 2, 3 turning YOU into the real HERO of the day! Click below to plan your next event. 



The Happy Hope Factory has become synonymous with serving children facing crises anytime and anywhere. The Hope Kindness Box Project includes all supplies designed to assist children communicate their feelings through worksheets, therapeutic coloring activities as well as expressive exercises. Join us in delivering comfort and hope. 

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Add a Happy Hope Buddy!

Add an extra smile and warmth to any Happy Hope Bag or Box with a stuffed plush animal and soft fleece blanket. Nothing warms the heart more than having a buddy and blanket!



Fantastic family or community project dedicated to serving children and adults in shelters, foster programs and food banks.

For more information or to begin planning your Happy Hope Bag packing event, please email Wendy at