What is a Happy Hope Bag®?

A gift of joy and hope to hospitalized children in your community


Happy Hope Bags® deliver a boost of happiness and cheer to children battling chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

Filled with creative activities and special items, Happy Hope Bags® help create fun memories and provide comfort for children receiving medical care.  Since 2011, the Happy Hope Foundation has provided nearly 500,000 Happy Hope Bags® to children hospitalized nationwide!

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What's in a Happy Hope Bag®


The Happy Hope Foundation offers a range of Happy Hope Bags® to accommodate children receiving care anywhere, from outpatient clinics to long-term hospital stays.
Happy Hope Bags® contain only items that are hospital-approved to ensure they meet safety standards of health care facilities across the country.

Our signature Happy Hope Bag® contains: Hope Hero coloring book; crayons; activity sheet, stickers, stamps or related items; Hope Hero cards; bubbles; pinwheel. Additional items may be added, and selection of items may change based on availability.

How does a child receive a Happy Hope Bag®?

The Happy Hope Foundation mobilizes corporate and community volunteers nationwide to assemble, pack, and shipHappy Hope Bags® to hospitals and partners in their local community.
Happy Hope Bags® are made possible through donations, grants and corporate sponsorships.
Happy Hope Bags® are also available for purchase! To send a Happy Hope Bag® to a special child you know, please Visit our online store! Click Here