What is a Happy Hope Bag®?

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A gift of joy and hope to hospitalized children in your community.



What's in a Happy Hope Bag®

Happy Hope Bags® deliver a boost of happiness and cheer to children facing health and safety crises.

Filled with creative activities and special items, Happy Hope Bags® help create engagement and provide comfort for children facing health and safety crises.  Since 2011, the Happy Hope Foundation has provided over 750,000 Happy Hope Bags® to children hospitalized nationwide!

The Happy Hope Foundation offers a range of Happy Hope Bags® to accommodate children receiving care anywhere, from outpatient clinics to long-term hospital stays. We also serve children in shelters and community organizations when faced with a safety crisis.  Happy Hope Bags® contain only items that are hospital-approved to ensure they meet safety standards of health care facilities and shelters across the country.

Our signature Happy Hope Bag® contains a wide array of approved items including coloring books; crayons; activity sheet, stickers, stamps or related items; Hope Hero cards; bubbles; pinwheels and many other dual purpose products. Additional items may be added, and selection of items may change based on availability.

How does a child receive a Happy Hope Bag®?

The Happy Hope Foundation mobilizes corporate and community volunteers nationwide to assemble, pack, and ship Happy Hope Bags to hospitals and partners in their local community. All bags are shipped to our partnering hospital Child Life departments for distribution to our mini Hope Heroes.

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