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The Happy Hope Company engages individuals and corporate teams through a range of products and services that encourage leadership, team building and innovation. Led by Emi Burke and Wendy Webster, the Happy Hope Company helps individuals and corporate teams find their purpose and realize their potential for success! All proceeds from Happy Hope Company directly benefit Happy Hope Foundation serving children facing crises. Together we can all make a difference!

Conveniently located just minutes from the Bourne Bridge into Cape Cod, the Happy Hope Company presents educational and motivational speaking services to wide audiences in the areas of corporate team building, change management, innovation and strategic leadership. The Happy Hope Company provides the perfect opportunity to learn and  give back in a convenient location. 


Happy Hope Company Offers:

  • EDUCATION: CEO Emi Burke and Executive Director Wendy Webster share inspiring stories centered around themes of strategic leadership, innovation, team building, and entrepreneurship. Casual conversations between long-time friends and colleagues, Emi and Wendy provide relatable and engaging storytelling that is humorous, heartfelt, and full of hope. Click here for downloadable inspirational podcasts and other message of hope.
  • LEADERSHIP: Motivational speaking services, workshops, seminars, and conferences to engage professionals at any career stage. Emi Burke and Wendy Webster deliver inspirational lectures and talks on topics that include: strategic leadership, innovation, corporate team building, customer relationship management, entrepreneurship, creativity in business, change management and sustainability. Emi is a skilled and oft-requested public speaker who shares with sincerity, connecting with audiences across sectors and communities.
  • SHARING HOPE: Happy Hope Company designs merchandise created to inspire happiness and share a boost of hope! This full line of products includes custom calendars, note cards, journals, bookmarks, stationary, greeting cards, and more. Happy Hope Company products are beautifully designed with meaningful messaging intended to encourage recipients to reflect and find purpose in their everyday.
  • Click here for a PDF of full Happy Hope Company 2023 offerings.

To learn more about the Happy Hope Company, please email info@happyhopefactory.org  or call 888-201-4673.