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When Emi's son Conor was a year old, a specialist diagnosed him with gross global development delays. The doctor told her that Conor would never sit, crawl, walk, or talk. It was that moment when Emi discovered her "life assignment." Her mission was to encourage healthcare providers and families to consider the power of hope in overcoming medical adversities. 

Emi Burke understands how difficult it is to survive the daily struggles of living with a child who has significant medical, intellectual, and physical challenges. Her Message of Hope addresses the challenges families like hers encounter. She speaks from the heart to encourage us all to live with meaning and to change the world around us.

Emi's new found mission has enabled her to help people from all walks of life. She can inspire your team or audience as well.

Emi Burke has brought her Message of Hope to over 200 organizations including Cedars Sinai Hospital, World Congress on Disabilities, Towson State University, Providence Tarzana Hospital, Greater Baltimore Medical Center, and South Shore Community Church. Her Message of Hope presentations can be tailored to a range of audiences such as corporations, schools, and professional conferences.

If your company would like to book Emi for an inspiring message that changes lives, please contact her today about availability. Her talks can include a 20-30 minute activity for all participants up to 200 people. Suggested speaking fee donation is $5000.

Compassion is a choice. We must learn and practice this on a daily basis in order to impact the world.

~Emi Burke

About Emi Burke

Emi Burke, CEO and founder of the Message of Hope Foundation, is an accomplished motivational speaker who will inspire your employees to use their gifts to make a difference in the lives of others. Emi believes we are all here for a specific purpose and when we fulfill our "life assignment," we lead more meaningful lives.

Emi Burke is an acclaimed public speaker who is passionate about compassionate healthcare. Her presentations have inspired audiences from elementary school students to nationally recognized physicians across the United States. Emi's dynamic approach and personal conviction challenges medical researchers, healthcare professionals, technological pioneers, leaders in education, and international corporations to make positive change the world.

Emi Burke continues to dedicate herself to the life mission that Connor inspired; improve the lives of children with special needs and chronic illness. If you would like to have her speak at your event, please send your speaking inquiries here.

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