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Provide the gift of joy and hope to hospitalized children in your community.

Public Speaking. A Message of Hope from Emi Burke.

"I knew from an early age that I wanted to help children. During hospital rounds with my dad, a doctor, I could sense that something essential was missing. I could feel the absence of hope and joy in the hearts of the children we met.

Years later I found myself once again in a hospital setting, this time as the parent of a critically ill young child. I was struck by how little had changed. So many hospitalized children were sitting alone in their beds, devoid of hope and happiness, with their parents by necessity focused on medical care.

In this place I found my calling, to harness the power of good and service to hospitalized children. I never imagined my purpose would be fulfilled through the gift of my profoundly disabled son.

There is no greater gift than using your life purposefully to deliver hope and happiness to children in need. Thank you for visiting the Happy Hope Factory, for sharing your time, talent and treasure, and for joining us as a happy hope hero!"

Founder & CEO

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Emi Burke, the Founder, and Wendy Webster, the Executive Director, form a dynamic pair who frequently deliver powerful speeches to a diverse range of audiences across the nation. Opt for one of their renowned presentations, complemented with a unique team-building activity, to ensure your subsequent event is both influential and socially mindful. The Happy Hope Factory will invigorate and motivate your team at the upcoming social gathering, meeting, or retreat. The recommended donation for their speaking engagement starts at $5,000, which may fluctuate depending on travel necessities. Seize this opportunity to introduce Emi Burke's Message of Hope to your organization, inspiring positive change within your team and the wider community.

Compassion is a choice. We must learn and practice this on a daily basis in order to impact the world.

~Emi Burke

About Emi Burke

Emi Burke, CEO and founder of the Happy Hope Foundation, is an accomplished motivational speaker who will inspire your employees to use their gifts to make a difference in the lives of others.

Emi believes that we all have a specific purpose in life and fulfilling our "life assignment" leads to a more meaningful existence. She has dedicated herself to improving the lives of children facing crises through her foundation's Happy Hope Bags program. All proceeds from Emi's speaking appearances and Happy Hope products go towards delivering Happy Hope Bags to children in hospitals and shelters nationwide.

Through her unwavering passion to improve the lives of children facing crises, Emi has dedicated herself to the life mission that Conor inspired. All proceeds from Emi's speaking appearances and Happy Hope  products deliver Happy Hope Bags to children in hospitals and shelters nationwide.  If you would like to have her speak at your event, please send your speaking inquiries here.



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