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Provide the gift of joy and hope to hospitalized children in your community.

Hybrid Happy Hope Bag Packing

Looking to engage your in-person and remote employees in a memorable team building event? We have the perfect solution! Happy Hope Bags® are special activity kits that provide a boost of happiness and hope to children receiving medical care and children in homeless shelters. Our range of signature Happy Hope Bags  are filled with fun and creative items that keep kids engaged. We have delivered over 600,000 Happy Hope Bags to children across the country, made possible through the efforts of thousands of corporate and community volunteers!

Hybrid packing opportunities for your team engage both in-person and remote employees through a special Zoom call live from the Happy Hope Factory (available with minimum orders) to package custom designed Happy Hope Bags. Our team will lead your organization step by step through the packaging of your designated Happy Hope Bag. This is the perfect give back opportunity for groups of all sizes and abilities. Gather your team, select a date and the Happy Hope Factory will provide all supplies, instructions, and shipping materials needed. Incorporate volunteer service at your next event, meeting, or retreat; the Happy Hope Factory makes it easy for groups to do good, give back and share hope!

Happy Hope Packing 1 Minute Video from Emi Burke on Vimeo.


(125 Outpatient Kits)


(200 Overnighter Bags)


(175 Signature HH Bags)

*All remote packing opportunities are delivered to your team members homes including return postage. The Happy Hope Factory staff will host your event live for an additional fee.

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Ways to get Involved

Sharing hope is easy with the Happy Hope Foundation! Our team will coordinate every step to ensure your event is fun and memorable for all. To get started, decide which event is best for your team:


The Happy Hope Factory offers opportunities for teams of any
size or budget to play it forward!

What's included in Remote Packing Happy Hope Bags®?

To ensure safety to your team members and the children we are so honored to serve, we are currently offering remote packing opportunities including team building Zoom calls (minimums required) with our Happy Hope staff. All items required to package your Happy Hope Bag are included in addition to postage. We provide hospital approved items such as crayons, coloring books, activity kits, playing cards, bubbles, pinwheels, socks, puzzles and other themed activities guaranteed to delight children of all ages.

All components in Happy Hope Bags® have been hospital approved to ensure integrity and engagement for children undergoing treatment. Our mission is to deliver JOY & HOPE!

What do we do after remotely packing Happy Hope Bags®?

Once you have packaged your Happy Hope Bag® please use the self-addressed stamped envelope to return your Hope Bag back to the factory for quarantine, before being shipped to your partnering facility.


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