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Happy Hope Bags® deliver a boost of hope to children in your community that need it most.

The CarMax Foundation has partnered with Happy Hope Foundation® to offer Happy Hope Bags® as a kitpacking Volunteer Team Builder opportunity that can take place at CarMax or offsite. Happy Hope Bags bring joy to children enduring hospitalization, treatments, or other difficult situations. Each kit is customized for the situation to help bring HOPE to children fighting against the odds. All necessary items ship directly to the CarMax Cares Team Captain and are ready for their team to get started. If your location is interested in participating, please fill out the form below.  


Please fill out the information below to order your team's Happy Hope Bag kits at least 2 weeks before your packing event, per quarter.

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  • Secure LGM approval for the event
  • Complete a Volunteer Team-Builder application through The CarMax Foundation Associate Giving Portal at least 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Ensure you have at least 5 volunteers
  • Ensure volunteer events take place in non-customer facing areas
  • Associates should not engage in volunteer events while clocked in
  • VTB events typically results in a VTB grant and therefore are not eligible for Matching Hours support

Each Happy Hope Box provides 10-12 hours of total volunteer engagement. We will ship 1 box for teams up to 24 volunteers and a max of 2 boxes for teams with 25+ volunteers per event.

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CarMax 2024 Kits & Order Form

All Carmax locations may order 1 Happy Hope Box per fiscal year.

Toothbrush kit
100 Per Box

Funky Friends Overnighter
40 Per Box

Under the Sea
Signature Happy Hope Bag
25 Per Box