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Life is an unpredictable journey.

The Message of Hope Foundation was founded in 2011 by Emi Burke, born out of a desire to bring hope and happiness to hospitalized children with special needs, chronic and life-threatening illnesses.

Emi Burke and Connor

A parent of a profoundly disabled young son often requiring intensive services, Mrs. Burke was moved to action after witnessing other young hospitalized children undergoing treatment with nothing to engage them or distract from long hospital stays. A physician described the extent to which families invest their resources in expensive treatments as they strive to save the lives of their children, leaving not much left for small luxuries such as coloring books, crayons or other engaging and uplifting activities,

Five years later, the Message of Hope Foundation has inspired hope and resiliency in thousands of children, achieved through the generous support of numerous national corporate sponsors and dedicated community volunteers.

The foundation’s signature Happy Hope Bags are a boost of hope for children who are hospitalized, regardless of their illness or disability, providing hours of activities that help to take a child's mind off of their treatment or illness.

Patients/Caregiver: Please take our Happy Hope Bag survey to help us deliver even happier experiences for children.

Give the gift of Hope for just $20!

You have the opportunity to show every child undergoing treatment a simple reminder that they are never alone and that people care about them.


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